Track 1

RegTech deep dive – An Eighteen Month Forecast of the Regulatory and Compliance Landscape

Mainstage May 5, 2018 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Joshua Klayman
Vinny Lingham
Justin Newton
Josh Boehm
Gregory Mocek

Undoubtedly the growth of the Fintech industry must be accompanied by greater regulation concerning data privacy, fraud, usage and distribution. This session will focus on how Fintech companies can reach their full potential in terms of size and future scalability. It will explore how Fintechs can create regulatory compliant products and services. Moreover, how can companies position themselves to be attractive to potential investors looking to build a scalable and regulatory-compliant business model? Panellists will also address regulatory trends and developments.

Building an innovative FinTech business model whilst achieving compliance in a regulatory vacuum and ensuring a standout customer experience is a tough balancing act. Do it right and you are assured of competitive advantage in a competitive market. Do it wrong and you put your customers, key stakeholders and entire business at risk.

You will walk away from this panel discussion with a greater understanding about your exposure to online fraud (phishing, hacking, malware and data theft) and how you can develop a risk mitigation strategy.