Track 1

The Current State of Cryptocurrency

Mainstage May 5, 2018 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

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John Mercurio
Danny Aranda
Christian Martin
Nader Al-Naji

Cryptocurrency has undoubtedly caught mainstream attention as the price of bitcoin has skyrocketed to over $15,000 in 2017.  With its rapid rise in value, uncertainty and speculation on the future of bitcoin and digital currencies have arisen on all fronts.  Is bitcoin just a bubble, or is it truly the way of the future?  What about other cryptocurrencies and altcoins like ether, litecoin, or ripple?  In this discussion, we will explore the latest craze in cryptocurrency lead by bitcoin’s massive increase in value and use of blockchain, and examine the future viability of what digital currencies can (or cannot) truly achieve.  How have established financial institutions adapted?  What developments have we seen from countries around the world? What are predictions for use cases in the future?