Coinbase Quiz Answers

The Coinbase Quiz Answers That You Need

Here are the Coinbase quiz answers that you’ve been looking for. Answers to the Coinbase Quiz, Quiz Coinbase, Coinbase are here. Coinbase Quiz is a Coinbase that presents a variety of new quiz competitions.

In the quiz, the company Coinbase is giving away $3 worth of FET to participants in this quiz. However, to be eligible for the prizes and the participants must correctly answer three simple questions.

We will provide you with the answers to the Coinbase Quiz in this article for you. So let’s start with the question and the answer.

Answers To The Quiz

Question 1: What can we do with the platform?


  • Networks of decentralized delivery
  • Social rewards for people with pets
  • Software that can automate task
  • Development of new programming languages

The answer: Software that can automate tasks.

Question 2: What can FET token do?


  • Powering
  • To cover the costs of Bitcoin mining
  • Through social networks can buy ads
  • Make it easier to buy and sell stocks

The answer: Powering

Question 3: What services Will intend try to support?


  • Sharing and streaming music
  • Automating the interaction with industries such as healthcare and travel
  • AMM
  • New cybersecurity tools for businesses

The answer: Automating the interaction with industries such as healthcare and travel

Here is How You Can Take Part In The Quiz

  1. First, visit the Coinbase website.
  2. And then log in to your account or create a new account.
  3. Now, look at the dashboard section, then click the tab that says For You.
  4. Now select View All button.
  5. Then, scroll down to the Earn Free Crypto tab and click the button that says “Start Earning”.
  6. Now in Card, press the start button.
  7. Then read the three questions and choose the correct answer for each.
  8. For each question that you answer correctly, you will receive $1.
  9. Also, to get $3, you must complete all Coinbase quizzes.


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