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What Is Stellar Coinbase Quiz? Check The Answers

Many are curious about the Coinbase Earn quiz. So what is Stellar Coinbase quiz? In this post, we have summarized some questions and answers about the Coinbase Earn quiz. If there are unanswered questions, please include questions in the comments column.

Amp – With Code AMP ($3)

Question 1: Do you know what AMP is?

Answer: AMP is a collateral token

Question 2: Name the advantage of AMP?

Answer: AMP offers instant completion

Question 3: Can you earn anything from AMP?

Answer: AMP will give prizes

Auction – Bounce Token ($3)

Question 1: Explain the meaning of Bounce

Answer: Bounce is an auction protocol with a decentralized system

Question 2: What is the mechanism of the Bounce?

Answer: Bounce is used to create or participate in auctions

Question 3: Can we download the Bounce App?

Answer: Download the app form

CLV – Clover Finance ($5)

Question 1: Do Developers building anything with Clover Finance?

Answer: Thanks to cross-chain compatibility, developers can develop dApps

Question 2: Can you interact with dApps?

Answer: Yes, with the Clover Financial Wallet

Question 3: What does Clover Finance aim to improve the accessibility and functionality of

Answer: The answer is Defi

Question 4: What does Clover Finance want to achieve?

Answer: To become Polkadot Parachain

Question 5: What features did Clover Finance recently launch?

Answer: A feature called Web wallet

Cryptex Finance – With Code CTX ($3)

Question 1: Do you know about Cryptex Finance?

Answer: It is a DAO for users with decentralized products

Question 2: Do you know about CTX tokens?

Answer: It is a token related to ERC-20 governance to support and secure the protocol of Cryptex

Question 3: What will become of Cryptex Finance in the future

Answer: To manage the full range of decentralized Cryptex tokens

MLN – Enzyme ($3

Question 1: Do you know the function of Enzyme for investors?

Answer: Investors can manage their crypto investments with Enzyme

Question 2: Are there investment activities you can’t do with Enzyme?

Answer: You cannot Invest in commodities, stocks, and real estate

Question 3: On what assets can we pay the Vault Fee on Enzyme?

Answer: Paying Vault Fees with MLN

FET – ($3)

Question 1: Can you create anything with

Answer: is a software Agent that automates work

Question 2: What is the function of FET Token?

Answer: Serves to transmit power to the agent of

Question 3: What is designed to support its future use better?

Answer: wants to design automatic interactions with healthcare and travel industries among others

RLC – iExec ($3)

Question 1: Do you know the advantages of the marketplace of iExec?

Answer: Everything above

Question 2: What are the uses of RLC Tokens?

Answer: Everything above

Question 3: What do you know about Oracle Factory?

Answer: It is a tool for bridging oracle creation

IOTX – IoTex ($3)

Question 1: How many devices are being used today?

Answer: There are about 35 billion

Question 2: Can investors use the IoTeX system to acquire crypto?

Answer: IoTeX is capable of creating data with intelligent devices

Question 3: Does IoTeX sell any devices to the public now?

Answer: IoTeX is selling UCam and Pebble

JASMY – Jasmy – ($3)

Question 1: Does Jasmy serve any function?

Answer: Serves to protect and enter user data

Question 2: What are the primary uses of Jasmy ?

Answer: Jasmy tokens are used to access data on the marketplace

Question 3: Where is Jasmy’s preferred development area for now?

Answer: Jasmy focuses on Asia

RNDR – Render Network ($3)

Question 1: Do you know anything about Render Network?

Answer: It is a decentralized market for GPU rendering.

Question 2: What is the mechanism for obtaining RNDR for users?

Answer: 3D artwork render.

Question 3: What are the next steps on the product roadmap?

Answer: Environments and 3D objects, which will be monetized.

XLM – Stellar Lumens ($10)

Question 1: Do you know anything about Stellar?

Answer: Stellar uses a decentralized protocol that aims to unite the world’s financial components.

Question 2: What is the function of Stellar Lumens?

Answer: XLM serves to provide cheap and universal payment methods

Question 3: Is Stellar the right choice for transferring money? Why?

Answer: You can transfer tokens quickly, universally, and at a low cost

Question 4: What are the advantages of using Stellar for and businesses and banks?

Answer: They can issue, transfer, and exchange tokens faster

Question 5: How does the Stellar Consensus Protocol system operate?

Answer: To confirm various transactions, all depend on cooperation with trusted nodes

GRT – The Graph ($4)

Question 1: Do you know anything about The Graph?

Answer: It’s a Blockchain

Question 2: Do you know anything about Indexers?

Answer: A platform where users can get GRT

Question 3: What do you know about curators?

Answer: They are curators

Question 4: How do we choose the Graph Network correctly?

Answer: You need to redirect GRT to Indexer with high quality

USDC – USD Coin ($4)

Question 1: What is not a prerequisite for creating a reliable password?

Answer: Your password is memorable

Question 2: What is not considered as a two-step verification requirement?

Answer: 1Password

Question 3: What is something you should not share publicly?

Answer: You should never share your seed phrases

Question 4: To secure your account, what kind of check should you always put in place?

Answer: Periodically checking devices that are associated with your account

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