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Can You Transfer Funds From Emerald Card To Bank Account?

Transferring money using an Emerald debit card is in great demand today. But can you transfer funds from Emerald card to Bank account? This debit card has the advantage of being more practical and efficient.

Do you want to send money? Pay for online orders? Can you transfer funds from Emerald card to bank account? Transfer money to a bank account? Or pay the bill? The Emerald debit card can do it all.

This article will explain to you how to transfer funds from the Emerald Card to your banking account. This is important because debit cards can make your spending more organized.

The Emerald card is a card released by MetaBank that serves as a tax refund deposit. This card is also a Mastercard if you want to use an ATM that supports Mastercard. This card is covered by FIDC insurance.

This insurance guarantees the safety of your money on the event when their company collapses. In accordance with government regulations that stipulate that any funds deposited in a bank account must receive insurance.

You can operate the card and manage your finances easily through the MyBlock application. It is very simple because you only need less time on your phone than going to an ATM. By just tapping your screen you can transfer money, make transactions, and make payments anywhere. If you need to get paid however, you can use a tool that can help you create a receipt in seconds.

In addition, you can also manage your finances and view your remaining balance. If you have problems or questions about the Emeralda card, you just need to contact the customer service provided in the application.

The Procedure To Get An Emerald Card

If you want to get an Emerald Card online, you can apply the following requirements as a prerequisite:

  • ID card number
  • Active personal contact
  • Tax return report from last year

The information you need to release is your active mobile number, email, and your home address. If you agree to all the terms, the Emerald Card will give you an Advance of $350 to $1000, based on the credit that suits you. Besides that, conditions state that you must be 18 years or older.

When finished, the Developer will ask you to send your home address for sending your card. If it arrives, then you must activate it first through the Emerald Card help service (1-866-353-1266). You can create an account on MyBlock to handle your finances on your debit card via mobile.

Emerald Card Functions

The Emerald Card is useful for those who want to get a tax advance loan from H&R Block. How it works, the company will provide a loan offer at the start of the tax season. You must have an Emerald Card Mastercard to deposit the loan. You will not be able to get a loan by direct deposit or by check.

There are five types of loans available through H&R Block. They amount to $250, $500, $750, $1,250, and up to $3,500. One of the advantages of H&R Block is that the company does not charge APR for every loan. This is not like other loan companies that usually charge large amounts of interests on their loans.

This large interest rate draw certainly burdens borrowers and drains their finances. In addition, you only need to pay taxes in advance to get a loan from H&R Block.

The Emerald Card also charges a $3.00 ATM withdrawal fee even if you only use it as a normal debit card. If you have questions about customer service, then you also be charged $1.50. The ATM provider could also provide administrative and service burdens to you.

If you do not use your card for two months, you will still be charged a monthly fee of $4.95. The fee for charging cash is set at $4.95. Then charge, if you make a bill payment, then you need to pay 95 cents. It’s quite common for daily use.

How to Transfer Money From Emerald To Your Bank Account

If you want to transfer money using your card, make sure your card is synced with your bank account at the time of creation. You can use an ordinary checking account, and you use it for daily transactions.

To link the Emerald Card prepaid to your bank account, you can try the following methods. You just need to add your bank and complete the requirements form like routing number and account number.

Then you can immediately use it as a transaction. You can withdraw money or transfer it to someone’s bank account easily and quickly.

How To Withdraw Money From Emerald Card

Withdrawing from Emerald Cards is very easy. You just need to follow a few steps which we will explain below.

Transfer Money To Bank Account

Can you transfer funds from Emerald card to bank account? As we explained above, linking an account with a card makes it possible to transfer funds. This will make it easier for you to pay for something that the card can’t pay for.


Anyone can easily withdraw money through the Emerald Card if you meet an ATM that has a Mastercard, Maestro, or Cirrus logo. In some ATMs, you will be got an admin fee of $3. Withdrawing funds via ATM can be used if you want to withdraw anywhere.

Cashback From Retail Stores

You have the opportunity to get cashback if you make transactions at certain stores that support payments by Emerald Card with certain additional fees.

Over The Counter

Use your card at anywhere that supports Emerald card payments. Unfortunately, you have to pay a fee of $35.00. This cost sure quite heavy. Transactions via ATM will save you up to $32 in fees.

One-Time ACH Or Request Check

If you wish to withdraw a huge amount of money that cannot be withdrawn from an ATM, you can request a check from the Emerald card service provider. In addition, you can ask ACH one time to make sure the card provider transfers the fund from the card to your bank account.

How is The Security On Emerald?

FDIC Insurance guarantees that your funds will be safe on the Emerald Card. This means you will get the full money if Emerald goes bankrupt. The FDIC provides fund insurance that can go as high as $250,000 for a single account.

This is because your money holds by the financial institution MetaBank. According to regulations, every financial institution must guarantee its customers’ finances through insurance that protects them from uncertainty.

In addition, every account and card comes with a security PIN. The PIN is a set of numbers as your key to accessing your funds. Thus your money will not be stolen as long as only you know your PIN number.

However, you also shouldn’t carelessly expose your card to avoid crimes that might appear. You can also choose to change your PIN at any time you feel your PIN is not secure.

Furthermore, if the card service provider indicates that there is a suspicious transaction from your account, the company can impose restrictions. You cannot withdraw money if it is within the restriction period and will get a “Restricted account” statement at the ATM.

This aims to protect your account temporarily from potential fraud, scams, or other things that can harm you. This commonly applies in any financial institution, such as digital wallets, bank accounts, or credit unions. This will ensure more security for your funds.

How Much Is The Limit Of Emerald Card?

The Emerald Card has a limit on the amount of cash to spend using the card in a day, about $3000. This amount is greater than other cards, which usually provide a limit of only $1000.

This can be an advantage of using the Emerald card. If you feel $1000 is too small, then the Emerald Card can be an option.

You can make ATM withdrawals and POS authorizations with a maximum amount of $3,500, which is applicable when making PIN transactions. Then for other signature transactions, you can spend a maximum amount of $3500 in one day.

Routing Number System And Account Number In Emerald Card

The Emerald card has a routing number and an account number. The number is 101089742, and it is the same for everyone who uses the Emerald Card. You simply give the number to a trusted person or agency as a direct deposit route.

Always be aware that scammers can place check orders using your routing number and account to make transactions in different areas. This requires special skills.

The account and routing number are displayed in your online account. In addition, you can request a routing number and account number through the customer service provided by the card. Then if you want to transfer money, all you need is the recipient’s number.

Also, if you intend to send your money with a checking account number directly from your account to someone else’s account, you only need the number and name of the person sent for confirmation purposes only.

Expiry Date

Your card has a time limit that will expire after some time you use it. If it expires, then you cannot use the card again, similar to other cards.

In addition, your card number will also change if you order a new card. You can reorder the card at Emerald Card customer service at 1-866-353-1266. You should replace your card before it expires.

Frequently Asked Questions

What might happen if I lost my card?

If it is really lost, then you are advised to contact customer service as soon as possible. This prevents possible crimes that may occur with your card.

Can I make online transactions with Emeralds?

Of course, you can make online transactions and also pay with an Emerald Card at offline merchants.

What is the age limit for teenagers to apply for a debit card?

The age limit for applying for a debit card is 18 years. Forbidden for teenagers under that age.

Can the Emerald card influence my credit score?

Actually, the card does not influence the credit score. But if you apply for an H&R Block loan, then it can affect your credit score.

Can I make a direct deposit on the Emerald Card?

Of course, you can deposit your funds directly through your boss or perhaps other related parties. Just provide your account number and routing number to be able to deposit directly.


The Emerald Card is a debit card issued by the company MetaBank. This card is protected by FIDC, which ensures the safety of your funds in your account. So can you transfer funds from Emerald card to bank account? Yes, you can use this card to perform various financial transactions such as money transfers or paying bills and online payments. In addition, it can also be a down payment for an H&R Block loan.

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